You have come to the right place if...

  • πŸ₯΄ You feel stuck in career as an Agile Coach/Scrum Master/Manager
  • πŸ₯΅ It frustrates you to be the non-techie in the room
  • πŸ€• You are tired of being excluded in technical discussions
  • πŸš€ Or, you just want to become more tech-inclined in your coaching/leadership career

What Tech Coach Circle(TCC) is not?

  • πŸ“’ Not a 2-day (or a 3-day) training
  • πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ Not a certifying body
  • πŸ“– Not a courses shop
  • ❌ Not a meetup

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πŸ“’ Hear from our members

"TCC is a brilliant self-paced learning modern-day platform. This is for anyone who wants to learn technical know how’s and technical agility. For a project manager/Scrum master like me TCC is a blessing. It has helped me to understand the technical Jargons and technical mindset of our developers.

It has a wide range of exercises which enables hands on technology starting from building your own website, working on HTML, write SQL queries, web application, testing, to advance level exercises enabling technical agility. Special thanks to all the volunteers who help us whenever we ask for help, they are just a ping away and are experts in technical agility

This platform is filled with brilliant updated articles, blogs, books, documents, videos on de- jargonizing technical clutter. It also gets constant updates on upcoming events, meetups, Knowledge sessions, fun activities and so many things. I am so happy that I ended up here to quench my thirst for reliable technical knowledge. All the curriculum is precise to the point and well hand-crafted material so I don’t have to do an engineering degree to learn the best engineering practices in the industry. This is my best investment so far. Thank you, tech coach circle and thank you Vivek."

- Harsha Vardhana

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  • πŸš€ Self-paced hands-on learning
  • πŸš€ Discussion Forums
  • πŸš€ Community Mentoring
  • πŸš€ Community Events
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