Do I need technical knowledge to join Tech Coach Circle?

Not at all. In fact, we have a few members who joined us with a goal of learning the basics of technology in a hands-on style.

Who is this for?

Tech Coach Circle is a community for inquisitive Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and Managers who aspire to be hands-on Technical Agilists

What is the time commitment?

Tech Coach Circle activities are not time-bound. Activities are designed to be learnt at your own pace. Our ever growing community of like-minded people are here to help at every step of your journey.

What do I learn here?

Primarily, two areas: Hands-on Technology (starting from the fundamental stuff) and Technical Agility, among other things like public speaking, group work, conference talk proposal, etc.

How do I learn here?

You learn by doing stuff, instead of listening to lectures. You can learn either some fundamental hands-on technology stuff, or technical agility stuff from us.

TCC also hosts frequent learning activities and webinars. In fact, there are hands-on exercises that you can do (with lots of assistance and references, of course).

How do I grow at Tech Coach Circle?

Will I get any certificate?

Tech Coach Circle is not a certifying body. We are just a community of learners. In case you want to show off all the good work you do here, why not show off the badges in your TCC user profile?

How do I get support?

Reach us at, we will answer your queries. Once you become a member, you can message us on Slack anytime 😃

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