Mission of Tech Coach Circle

  • To spread the value of hands-on technical know-how
  • To spread the value of hands-on Technical Agility
  • To provide a supportive environment to nurture hands-on technologists and technical agilists

Why is this mission important to us?

Problem Statement

Almost all of the Agile transformations stop at changing only management processes and organization structures. These things are valuable but, when stopped at this stage, it can lead to harmful effects in the short and long term.

For example,

  • Teams run sprints but don’t deliver shippable product every sprint.
  • Despite transformation being tagged as successful, the time it takes for any new change to go live is in the scale of several weeks, if not several months.
  • Focus on quality is almost non-existent, if not an after-thought. Focus is more about improving productivity/velocity and other vanity metrics.
  • Engineers, the people who do the actual work, are more micro-managed because they are not given support to learn how to actually deliver within 2 weeks. This leads them to look for opportunities elsewhere.

Effects of this problem

All of the above problems lead to worsening of the mental health of engineers, managers and often, leadership too.

How can we solve it?

  • We visualize a future world where creating value for customers can be done without affecting the mental health of employees.
  • We believe that focusing on Technical Agility is the way to achieve this vision.

Our Volunteers

Vivek Ganesan is a published author and a secret ‘super hero’ at Ampyard. He helps organizations, teams and individuals to be better and happier than they are, using his Technical Agility, Process Agility and DevOps coaching skills. He has spoken in multiple international conferences. He has also mentored many managers, scrum masters, coaches and leaders in hands-on technical agility.

Kiran Kashyap is an Agile Change Agent and a DevOps enthusiast. His daily job is filled with exciting activities ranging from fighting impediments raised by his teams to proudly serving coffees to stressed-out team members.

As a change agent, he has taught agility and DevOps to his teams and is involved in exploring ways of teaching and practicing agility, with a unique flavor of his own. He also is a familiar speaker in Agile and DevOps conferences, with a passion for demo-based interactive talks.

Srihari Guru Prasad Thimmapuram (Guru) is an Enterprise Agile Coach, Published Author and Conference Speaker. Guru is a technology enthusiast and passionate about technical agility coaching. Has experience on multiple technology stacks and takes pride in continuous learning. Guru likes to volunteer and contribute to agile and tech communities.

Kamal Raj Sekar(Kamal) is a Technology Consultant and Co-founder of Ampyard

He is an active open-source contributor, has created some open-source softwares to give back to and be part of the open-source community. Glad to be a Tech Coach Circle Volunteer!

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